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make me choose | asked by rocknrollsgears: striker eureka or g. danger.

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your feelings go in the tags not in the caption

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Jon’s finger traced the outline of the direwolf in the white wax of the broken seal. He recognized Robb’s hand, but the letters seemed to blur and run as he tried to read them. He realized he was crying. And then, through the tears, he found sense in the words, and raised his head. “He woke up,” he said. “The gods gave him back.”

He looked at the words, but they didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. Bran was going to live. My brother is going to live.

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I had her trust.

for jey.

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Thor/Sif - requested by anon

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Warriors in Thor 2 (3/4) - Hogun the Grim

"With Hogun, we stripped away some of the ‘samurai’ look from the first film and implemented elements of the Vanir: tribal influences, as well as Mongol and other Asian influences. This allowed us to break down the design motifs into smaller details that work in tandem with elements that Charlie Wood crafted for the world of the Vanirs, including their technology and architecture." -Charlie Wen, concept artist

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